M (snowym) wrote,

it's that time in which I know I am loved (or it's Christmas, anyway)

disutansu and no1_jo! I got your Christmas cards todaaaaaaay <3 <3 <3! Yay, it made me so happy after a Saturday-of-DOOM <3.

From Helen:

The card was freaking perfect, Helen XDDD. I love how the
cute kitties look like they have stared into the very depths of
hell XDD. They must've both had dreams about having
meow-mix withheld from them!

I looove this! I need to start a yaoi-nook in my apartment
or something, so I can properly display things such as
this XD. Phoenix and Miles will always be in my heart,
with their all their lawyer gayness <3 <3 <3.

From Jo:

Omg, how did you know I NEEDED a Junnosuke ornament XD?
I don't think I even knew, but my life feels a bit more complete
now, so you were right on the mark <3. BLONDE!JUNNO MAKES
MY HEART GO DOKIDOKI, so my Christmas tree will be super
sexy now XD.

Anyway, yeah, I just realized the pictures are all backwards, due to my snapping photos of the gifts using my webcam... so yeah, I'm just nice, helping everyone practice their backwards-reading skillz, and all XD. *fail*

THANK YOOOU ^_^! Maybe I'm too simplistic, but getting letters in the mail really does make me 100% joyous <3.
Tags: christmas, lj meets life

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