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of Christmas parties and hemorrhoids and futons

Yesterday I got wrapped up in some angst and insecurities when posting, but that day was actually the Christmas party, which went pretty well ^_^. I felt like I couldn't talk about it after such a sad entry, so here's some info now XD;.

We had the party at an Italian place in Center Minami, called Capanna... which was decent. Except for all the raw fish mingled with the pasta. Why Japan, why? I ate it anyway, take that Japan XD.

I always have fun when I can talk with my students out of a classroom setting, so it was pretty entertaining... My oldest student, who is 74 years old, brought his wife. She was fascinated with my Gaijin Power, I think XD. Even though everyone spoke Japanese for the most part, I had fun butting into the conversation speaking English. Their eyes would pop, and they'd be like "You understood us o.O;;;???" My speaking skillz fail, but my listening isn't too terrible.

The most interesting part of the party was when we had a quiz sort-of-game. Everyone wrote down a trivia question (in English), that they thought no one would know. For my question, I wrote "How old do you think Emily is?" Everyone was saying 24 or 25, but then one of my students guessed "I think she's 30!" He'll have a difficult lesson next time he's in class, so sad >D. I actually won the whole game, by getting 4 points out of 8, which is funny, since I've known them all for the least amount of time XD;.

Shinobu had bought presents for everyone, apparently... and one of the students got a ring-shaped pillow. At this point of the party, one of my students (who is a doctor) turned to me and said:

That pillow is for hemorrhoids, you know.

I was all "Umm... sou desu ka >.>;?" Then he told the whole table his hypothesis, and Shinobu wailed out "NOOOOO! IT'S A BACK MASSAGE PILLOW! BACK MASSAGE!" This guy always says weird shit like this, but it was still entertaining XD.

Anyway, yeah, the day was pretty entertaining. Afterward, Shinobu even went with me to a store called Nittori, when I bought an extra futon for my apartment. Now I can comfortably have 2 guests stay over, which is good because Aya and Noa were planning on coming, plus my parents are visiting in April. If any of you guys are gonna be in Yokohama, just say the word, and you know you've got a futon waiting for you if you pass through XD.
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