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Oh Gackt, at least you're still so pretty <3.

I was just about to turn off the TV and shut down the computer, when Gackt's new music video for his song "Jesus" pops up on the music channel...

...has anyone else seen this? I'm... really disappointed o.O;. I've forgive Gackt of a lot of his latest songs, but this song is just too... ordinary -.-;. Gackt's voice does not suit this type of rock-style at all, I think...

Gackt was my first Japanese song looooove, so it makes me sad to completely not like some of his music -.-. I'll still support him, though, and hope that he can release something again with the same emotions as "Mizerable" and "Birdcage" <3 <3 <3. Mooooooove me, Gackt XD;!
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