M (snowym) wrote,

3 day weekend + plans + Christmastime!

3 day weeeeeeeeeekend! I wish the Emperor's birthday was every week <3.

Nothing especially interesting transpired today (lol, I wandered and wandered and bought a humidifier), but I got to NOT WORK, which is the important thing <3.

I think tomorrow I'll try to drag my sorry self out of bed at a decent'ish time, and go to China town. It's prettymuch inexcusable that I haven't gone yet, since it's one of the most famous things in Yokohama XD;.

And it's almost Chriiiiiiistmas! Yay!

Apparently I'm having Christmas via webcam with my family, so yeah XD;... that'll be an interesting experience. Hopefully everyone else's Christmas will be a bit more traditional than mine XD;.
Tags: japan
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