M (snowym) wrote,

Shinjuku today, Chinatown tomorrow

I was going to go to Chinatown today, but went to Shinjuku instead. I noticed my internet service contract was almost finished, so I figured it'd be no problem to go and extend my contract in Shinjuku, right? WROOONG!

I went all the way to Shinjuku, just to have the English help desk tell me they couldn't help me, and give me a phone number I already have. If that's not made of fail, I don't know what is. Apparently, I have to wait for my contract to completely EXPIRE before going there, and then I have to make a new one. How does that make any sense at all -.-;?

But yeah, the day wasn't completely lost (even though much time was wasted). I went on to Ikebukuro, and hit up Otome Road <3 <3 <3. Much fun anime things were to be seen. I bought Yamada D's latest manga (酷くしないで), and finished up my Christmas shopping for a few choice people, whoohoo ^_^. Now if I can get up the guts to go to the post office and pay for the shipping on all the presents I've bought... I foresee a terrifying total for that >.>;;;. Oh well, it's almost paycheck time, so I'll survive ^___^.

So yeah, tomorrow, I'll probably go to Chinatown... even though it'll probably end up being GAIJIN CENTRAL >.>;;;. I don't know how other people feel when in Japan, but it's no fun being around a ton of foreigners ^^;. I don't know why... I try to steer clear of the tourist hot spots, but I really wanna go ^^;. *is adamant about having fun*
Tags: fail, traveling

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