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Merry Christmas, M, although I'll let you in on one LIIII~TTLE secret... today's gonna bite <3.

Meeeerry Christmas ^___^!!!

Happy holidays, and whatnot <3.

This'll be the first Christmas I've had to work, so it feels pretty weird, but an M's gotta do what an M's gotta do...

There's some shit that's gonna hit the fan at work tomorrow... so yeah, merry Christmas for me XD;. Crap. ANOTHER freaking showdown (showdown = M's term for a student's special appointment to COMPLAIN to their heart's content about the weather and/or GEOS). This year's Christmas will more than likely NOT be filed under the "pleasant memories" section of my filing-cabinet-brain.

Oh well, if I can... just... drag myself to Dec. 28th... then I can... get a fucking break... Until January 6th. *headdesk* A 9 day break will make me so freaking happy right now, though, good god.

I'M READY, CHRISTMAS! BRING IT ON! After I get some sleep, of course XD;. Oyasumi!
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