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ouchieeeee~e + at least New Year's Eve and Day was fun ^_^

Soooooo... I'm not in such good shape at the moment >.>;. NEW YEAR, WHY YOU GOTTA BE LIKE THIS?

Yesterday when I was with Noa in Shibuya... I kinda fell down a flight of stairs >.>;. I felt okay after that, but when I woke up this morning, I couldn't walk. DAMN ANKLE! Mou. I got to the point where I could hobble around pretty good today, so that cheered me up XD.

Also... my bank card and bank book stopped working -.-. As in, I can't withdraw any money at the moment ("THIS CARD IS UNREADABLE AND CANNOT BE SERVICED NOW," sez every ATM ever)... which kinda sucks, because I only have 1,000 yen in my wallet at the moment. Plus the bank offices don't open until Monday. Mou mou.

Shinobu called me this evening though, to check up on me, so I get to tell her about the awesome good luck I'm attracting so far XD;. We made plans to go to Asakusa on Monday (after I go and wail to the bank about my card). Shinobu thinks I'll die a tragic death this year, unless I go pray at temple in Asakusa, and I think she's right XD;.


As for the end of 2008 plus the first couple days of 2009, it was pretty fun ^_^. Noa came and stayed at my apartment from Dec. 29th - Jan. 2nd, so that was super fun ^_^.

We went to Chinatown (nikuman, YUM <3!), karaoke'd at Yokohama (whereinwhich we sang Japanese songs until we bled XD), rode the ferris wheel at Center Kita, wandered around Sakuragichou, and went shopping at Shibuya + Harajuku.

It's difficult to sum up the joy of having Noa come visit for so long, but I really was happy she could come ;-;. It's hard sometimes not being able to hang out with my friends whenever I want, like I could in college -.-. LOL, wow, I think that's the first timed I've pined back for school times XD.


So yeah, hopefully my hear will coincide more the with fun times, rather than with the falling-down-stairs times >.>;. I don't know how much more I can take of such things XD;.
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