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Eww, I feel dirty. Me and Noa went to a used bookstore, and in the parking lot, an old guy stopped his car, opened his door, and said "I just wanted to tell you girls that you look awfully nice today" with a creepy leery look. We were a bit creeped out. We also got asked if we had just gotten back from a funeral, and the yo-yo instructor guy was also leering at us. Note to self: dressing gothy gets lots of attention, some of which is scary and unwanted attention.

What happened to my lazy Saturday? I need to just not get ready for the day, and stay in the dorm all day. Or not, that would suck o.O;.

All day tomorrow is devoted to writing my 7 page report paper on the rise of evangelism in the United States, and also to studying for my Music Appreciation test. School would be fantasmic if there weren't such stress inducing activities.

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