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today and yesterday and the day before (+ pictures!)

Hey Miura Haruma! Thanks for crossing my path the other day, via green tea advertisement! Made my day better <3 <3 <3.
Yes, yes I am that girl who takes pictures of advertisements with her obsessions in them. I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE! Most of you have done it at one time or another! Or if not, you'd do it in Japan <3.


I participated in the "lucky bag" shopping on January 2nd that all of Japan gets amped about XD. Technically, I guess I bought a lucky box, though, and I bought mine on January 4th, not January 2nd ^^;. SO MANY CUTE TOFU PLUSHIES, OMG! I love Passport so much-- it's definitely one of my favorite stores for buying silly and cute things XD;.


Ahaha, just kidding. That's just my stunt double in the picture, no worries <3.
Me and Shinobu went to Asakusa (in the picture) and Ameyoko today, which was pretty fantabulous <3. We always have fun when we both manage to drag our sorry selves out of GEOS and meet up out of work XD. I enjoy going places by myself, but it's really awesome having someone explain all the things that I don't understand XD;. Which is... yeah, most everything XD;. I got to pray at the huge Asakusa temple, and I bought a good health/anti-injury charm, and even shook some box to randomly procure my yearly fortune (which predicted mostly good things), so hopefully things will go not TOO badly this year ^_^.

Here's the fortune the shake-uh-shake-uh box randomly gave me:

When spring comes, all trees and grasses are in full bloom. Everything will go good, then you will be happier in the future.. When you get the archery of the big warrior general, your happiness it reassure, wealth will grow large such as to have to carry by coach.
*Your request will be granted. *The patient will get well. *Building a new house and removal are both good. *Marriage, employment and starting a trip are all right.

If the fortune says anything, hopefully I'll not fail completely through 2009 ^o^.


So... something interesting happened today, after I finally got back to the Yokohama area from Ameyoko... I got off a JR line at Shin Yokohama station, and upon glancing around casually... I realized EVERYONE in the vicinity was about 13 years old and female? It's a weird thing to realize that you're the oldest person in the whole train station XD;.

So, I look around, and try to find out what the heck is going on, and upon further inspection... I see that almost ALL these girls have Hey! Say! JUMP bags and posters and uchiwas and EVERYTHING. So yeah, I guess Yokohama Area had a teeny tiny Johnny's boys concert tonight XDD.

I can't leave well enough alone, though, so I started trying to find where the trail of these girls stemmed from XD;... They just kept coming and coming, I can't believe how many there were! And after walking toward Yokohama Arena for about 5 minutes... I come across this... this... paradise? I still feel a bit bedazzled by it all XD;. I found this crazy merchandise area, where they were selling everything short of the boys from Hey! Say! JUMP themselves XDDD;.

YES, I BOUGHT SOMETHING. SHEESH! You would have too, if you had wandered into that strange otherworld of tiny Johnny's-boy merchandise XD;. It would've been a crime NOT to buy something XD;.

So yeah, I'm totally gonna look out for if there's another concert going on at Yokohama Arena sometime soon XD;. I didn't realize the arena was so close! I especially want to go to a frivolous Johnny's concert too <3... I'd die happy if I got to see KAT-TUN ride around on their electric boat through the crowd some day XDDDD.
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