M (snowym) wrote,

another day of Noaひめ and Mちゃん fun!

So, umm... yes, today I bought the first doujinshi I've bought since returning to Japan...

...oh god, I bought Arashi doujinshi XDDD.

I bought 2... one is just random silly Arashi adventures, and the other is a Sho x Ohno dj XDD. I had no idea what the pairing was when I bought it, but the I die and squeeble when I read it, it's so cute XD;. Maybe I'll try and translate it sometime, since it's pretty freaking adorable <3.

Me and Noa met up in Shibuya today, since neither of us had any plans to speak of. It was a lot of fun... although, when we go to Shibuya/Harajuku together, we use the peer pressure method to make each other buy a lot of things. Sometimes I'm strong... but yeah, we both spent quite a bit of money XD;. Me and Noa have such an unhealthy shopping relationship XD;;;.

I got the 2 Arashi doujinshi, the photobook from the RH+ drama (omgggg, so pretty <3 <3 <3), a jrock magazine (which came with 3 AnCafe posters due to a special offer sale <3), and Araki and Tomo stickers (omg katsu, I finally found the D-boys shop on Omotesando XD). So yeah, whoops XD;. Noa usurped the role of TOP SPENDER! from me today, though, so I guess I'll just have to try harder next time XD;.

No regrets ("Untrue!" sez M's bankbook)! We had a lot of fun, so I'll just pinch my yen during the next week, and things will even out ^_^. It's hard to reel in my spending habits after shoppingshoppingshopping during Christmastime for everyone XD;.
Tags: doujinshi, noa, shopping

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