M (snowym) wrote,

fail boat

So, I was face-planted in my pillow this morning, thinking getupgetupgetupdon'tfallbackasleepyoustupidwench behind closed eyes, and just barely hanging onto consciousness, when my mind went to a strange place...

So, what is this "fail boat" that I've been spying in all my fandoms? The phrase has been around for awhile, but I never quite understood it, nor did it evolve the way I'd expected it to... because, really, shouldn't there also be a fail car, train, bus, or bicycle by now?

Also, how does one use fail boat in a sentence? Is it a noun, such as 'Today is a fail boat'? Or is it more of an verb, like 'Why the hell does he fail boat so much?'? Or maybe an adjective, for example 'They really do seem fail boat'?

Anyway, yeah, that's the depth of my early morning internet slang consideration XD;.
Tags: question

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