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SUCCESS! + today + tomorrow + new icon

Today I managed to plan over half of my lessons for Saturday in 20 minutes. I'd say that's a SUCCESS! *jumps into the air and freezes there*

Also, tomorrow's a national holiday (it's the Vernal EQUINOX, bitches, get the confetti!), so no work! Yay ^.^V! I'm pretty certain that Japan must be the only nation where no one has to work on the equinox XD;. Wtf <3.

Me and 2 of my students will be heading out to Shibuya to go to a Butler's Cafe (which is similar to a Maid Cafe, I imagine). Yesterday, my area leader called (he calls every week to check-up on my life in GEOS, although we've mostly taken to just gossiping lately XD; ), and I told him I was going to this cafe. He immediately cries out "NOOO! DON'T GO THERE!"

Apparently, he some of his friends took him there, and 1) all the butler's are foreign guys, and 2) they called him "my prince" the whole entire time XDDD. My area leader refused to go to the bathroom while there, because the butler's escort you to them XDDD. The whole situation was a prettymuch a terrible nightmare for him XDD.

So yeah, I'm not too amped about the foreign-guy butlers (of course I'd prefer cute asian boys), but I think it'll still be fun. I just wish I could be a guy, though, so they'd call me "my prince" XDD. OH WELL.

Also, I made a new icon, to match my new drama obsession, Merlin <3 <3 <3. Has anybody else on my f-list watched it? I'm prettymuch smitten <3. And yes, the icon has nothing to do with the show, but I'd imagine Merlin to be the guy who waits around school buildings with a basketball, and challenges the kids every time they walk past, in that well,-I-mean,-ya-know,-I-just-happen-to-have-this-ball-here,-so-I-guess-I-have-time-to-kick-your-ass kind of way <3. And, of course he's Merlin, so the basketball's on fire. Oh dear, my perception of humor has become a little more sad than it was before, I think XD. Or maybe not <3.

Anyway, yeah, time for sleep, I suppose. Oyasuuuumi ^_^!
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