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Books, books, and ponies (just kidding, books)!

I picked up a new book at the library yesterday. Yay for books on the free shelf ^^. It is called How to Design, Build & Program Your Own Advanced Working Computer System by Robert P. Haviland. Yay for obscenely long titles o.O;. But my dream has been realized! I shall build an awesome super computer using this book!

...Just kidding ^^. It was written in 1981, so it would probably have the processcing power of a toaster oven, if I could understand anything in the book. But the circuitry charts are neato, and I like to look at them. I've been getting a lot of books lately o.O;. I got 3 books for free at church, the first 3 of that Left Behind series. Plus I bought #9 and #10 of the Gravitation manga. And I picked up "The Complete Japanese Expression Guide" at a used bookstore. It rocks my socks ^^.

Well, I guess I need to get to reading. I own so many books I haven't read yet, so I shall go and get all literate now.
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