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moooovie week considered a success


In short, has anyone seen the Japanese movie Okuribito (also known as Departures)? Because I just watched it, and it totally made me cry like a little baby. It was freaking gorgeous ToT. I love movies like this, that make you really think about life and why we're here and where it's all going. Everyone needs to watch it. Surely there'll be an English release soon. It only won an Academy Award, which after careful deliberation on my behalf, I have decided it was awarded rightfully <3.

At the end of last week, I decided to force this week to be movie week! Although, realistically, I guess I should call it the movie three days, because my parents are coming on Friday, and work is eating my face. Anyway, yeah, it was enjoyable... although...

Yeah, I'm prettymuch 0/3 on movies this week, crybaby-wise. I downloaded 3 movies last Saturday nightー Okuribito, Miaomiao, and Paco and the Magical Picture Book. I figured Okuribito would probably get the tears rolling, but I figured Miaomiao would be more of a fun, introspective look at teenage life. WRONG, I was crying along with the main character at the end XD;. And then, SERIOUSLY, a movie with the title Paco and the Magical Picture Book has GOT to be a fantasy frolic, right? Oh god, I thought I was going to die at that one. To give that one credit, though, it WAS a fun, fantasy frolic until the ENDING, whereat I thought I would dehydrate through my eyes <3.

I really enjoyed all the movies, but... but... sheesh, I used to be good at picking out good comedies XD;. Obviously I'm a bit off at that this week. Oh well, hopefully next time I deign to have a movie week, I won't have to keep a bottle of water on hand to replenish XD;;;.

YAY MOVIE WEEK! I KNEW I loved you for a reason, back in those days when I had time! I'll have to make more time for such things in the future, if only because it makes my sanity a little more shiny (although none more sanity'y <3).
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