M (snowym) wrote,

Go Yokohama Baystars!

Today's my dad's b-day, and we're celebrating by watching a baseball game @
Yokohama Stadium. Yokohama Baystars versus the Tokyo Yakuruto Swallows.

Usually I don't care for baseball games, but Japanese games are really interesting.

Each respective team's band is politely taking turns cheering... a pig and baseball mascot seem to be in the honeymoon stage of their relationship, as they basically molest eachother on the field between innings... the vendor people wandering around the stands are selling anything from beer (normal) to coffee (that's a first) to boxed bentou lunches (lol)... Great stuff XDD.

Yokohama's team is pretty godawful, but their band is awesome, so it's still fun XD.


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Tags: cellphone post, happy birthday, sports

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