M (snowym) wrote,

ja ne, mim and dud!

So, I've officially shown my parents off to the airport!

Because my mother is psychotic, of course she insisted that we leave at 6am to do so. Their flight leaves at noon. If I have any quirks to do with time, it's definitely due to that half of my genes ^^;.

Anyway, I actually only took them to the YCAT bus terminal in Yokohama, since that airporter dumps them off right off at their terminal once they get to the airport. Which left me with 5 hours of free time before I had to report to work... Most sane people would go back home and crawl into bed, but I decided it was ADVENTURE TIME <3!

Basically I just walked from the Yokohama YCAT station to Sakuragicho station, which took about 1 1/2 hours XD;. I got lost a few times, though, so perhaps if I choose to do so again, it'll take less time. Some lady even tried to help me as she thought I appeared lost (I wasn't at that time, but perhaps I perpetually have that air about me). Her eyes looked like they would pop out when I asked her if I was walking in the right direction to Sakuragicho, lol XD.

Anyway, now I'm back in my apartment, after taking the train back from Sakuragicho... I'm thinking of putting on my work clothes, but it feels so tragic -.-. It's been such a nice vacation! I got to show my parents around many of my favorite places... I was only minorly injured in a tragic/hilarious falling-up-stairs incident...


SIDENOTE: Is "minorly" not an official word??? It's underlined with the angry red dotted line via spellcheck, and I can only find the definition in online slang dictionaries! My vocabulary knowledge has been rocked!


I guess I'll survive, though. It'll be nice seeing all my students again, and getting back into the swing of things ^_^. I've managed to scrape a bit of sanity together, so I'll be able to get along for awhile (but lol, Golden Week is in 2 weeks, so I won't have to wait that long for another vacation XD).
Tags: less fail, life, traveling, work

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