M (snowym) wrote,

Tenimyu time (^o^)

I'm currently waiting in line to get into the Tokyo Taiikukan... for a Tenimyu Dream Live--

Okay, scratch that, now I've found my seat (floor 2, section G, row 13, seat 16), and am waiting for the show to begin like a good girl.

My heart is going dokidokidoki, like it belongs to the true dorky fan I am (^-^).

I already picked up the Inui and Kaidoh photo sets and official pamphlets for both me and Helen. I'm a pro at burning money in situations like these, what can I say (^_^;).

Anyway, I'm excited as hell. My fangirl'y dreams are about to be realized XD.

/cell post
Tags: cellphone post

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