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Concert goings and Gothic-ness

Oh yes, concerts are fun ^^. Stereostatic finally played where I live, so I could hop on over and see them play. Too bad they played at The Bridge, they have a crappy acoustic setup/building/group of little punks running around. Hah, last time we were there, some were picking a fight with Stallion. They would've been sorely sad, and just sore. It would've been entertaining to see Stal beat up on little punks ^^.

After the concert, I made Stallion snap a few pictures of me and Denton. The one on the left is my fav. We always have to have a school girl pose picture after concerts. I've decided I shall make this a tradition. I have another one of us in a similar pose, and I shall look at it and smile forever ^^;.

Today, not much was done. I had fun slacking. Me and Noa hung out in the dorm for most of the day and read. I needed a break, as did Noa. We were getting stressed. ENGLISH 102 IS HARD. My brain hurts from writing those papers. I've never written real argumentative papers before, so I'm trying my durndest. Here's to trying to not fail! *clinks glass*

It is 9:42pm, but I'm giving serious thought to sleeping. That's insane o.O;. My slow (or quick, I haven't decided yet) descent into insanity will not be hugely affected by this irrational idea of going to bed early, so I shall be off.

G'night all ^^. And yes, I look scary in my gothy get-up. I like it that way.
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