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So, yesterday was prettymuch a great day ^___^.

I got to meet Erin (immaculate), which was epic!

We are both Wentz Eiji fans, and she managed to snag us some tickets to a play in Shibuya that Wentz was acting in, called "雨の夏、三十人のジュリエットが還ってきた" (something like... "Summer's Rain/Tears"?). So yes. We were in the same room as Wentz ;-;. He was wearing a dress and heels, but that only made the experience more wonderful XDD.

Wentz in his pretty, pretty 70's girl gear (snagged from immaculate's LJ) <3.

Yes, it is indeed moments like these when fangirl dreams come true <3.

After watching the play, Erin took me to some crazy Jesus x Vampire-themed restaurant XDDD. There, we properly fangirled over the play and Wentz, and also Yamamoto Yusuke just because we could XD.

In our booth, we made friends with the little evil-looking cherub-thing there XD. We named it "Tepezus," after Teppei and Jesus <3.

And of course, before the day was over, we did purikura. Because that's what you do in Japan. It's a steadfast rule, and who are we to break it?

This is the Seeing-Wentz Commemoration picture <3!

Erin liked the bunny ("Come hither!" she says), but I was edging out of the picture in fright XD;.

I was expecting a man in the moon, but Erin was there instead XD;.

Wenty x Tepezus is a pairing that will definitely last throughout the times! Poor Wentz... now we're pairing him with evil cherub babies XD;.

We'll tell you when we've had enough!

SO TOUGH! Who will win?! This is such an epic purikura picture XDD. (click to see larger version)

Anyway, thanks again for inviting me along yesterday, Erin ^____^. We'll have to have another meeting of the Wentz Eiji fan club again soon XDD.


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May. 18th, 2009 12:25 pm (UTC)
OMG (*A*;; I HAD SO MUCH FUN!! You were so so nice and funny and cute!! (even though my job is to be creepy.....) Thanks so much for meeting with me yesterday, being kind though I forced you to that tacky vampire restaurant. Hohohohoho. But by the end, we both accepted baby Tepezus into our hearts!!! :-DDDD

D-: I am still on a high from that today.
I hope that I didn't give you my cold.... :-D So we can play again next time!! YES!! Next time.... more Yamayu fangirling!!!? YES! Yamamoto Yusuke<333 (KAYASHIMA...why couldn't I remember that yesterday!?)

May. 18th, 2009 01:43 pm (UTC)
Maybe we're both creepy, so we couldn't see it in each other XDD. My friends always say I'm creepy too XD. And the restaurant was SO not tacky. Definitely AWESOME XDD. I just didn't know such a place could exist on this earth XDDD. *glows from the Tepezus'ness*

Nope, I caught no cold! You contained your germs pretty well, it seems XD. I didn't have a Yamayu icon before, but after fangirling with you, I specially made one XDD. *will have to make lots more* Let's have fun again soon ^.^V!
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