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The Homeless Middle School Student

So, I finally got to see the movie Homeless Middle School Student, starring Teppei Koike...

However you feel about Teppei, his acting skills are pretty topnotch. And he's not afraid to do really weird things XDD.

From what I gathered, it was a true story about a Japanese comedian. One day when Hiroshi (Teppei's character, middle schooler) and his brother (college student) and sister (high schooler) all get home from school, all their furniture is out on the street and the apartment's lock has been changed. When their father finally arrives, he announces that as a family, they'll have to disband and try to live their own lives.

Hiroshi doesn't want to be a bother to his brother or sister, so he lives in a park. He has highs, like finding a 500 yen coin so that he can eat a bento lunch, to lows like having to eat cardboard and having stones thrown at him by little kids. Eventually the 3 siblings get to live together again, but that brings its own problems too, like having to live on 100 yen-each, every day.

Anyway, yeah, I really enjoyed this movie <3 <3 <3. It was funny and tragic and a really nice family story. And Teppei's about my age, but HOW the HECK can play the role of a middle school kid so easily??? That was really freaky XDD. If you're tired of seeing Teppei's bare butt, I don't recommend it XD, but if not, go for it ^.^b! Not a bad use of a couple hours <3.
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