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Star Trek movie

So, I saw the Star Trek movie at the movie theater last night.

Late shows here in Japan are cheaper than day shows (1200 yen ftw <3), but I almost missed the last train because I got lost in the parking garage connected to the movie theater, whilst trying to beat a hasty exit to the train station after the movie XD;. I was on the train platform with 2 minutes to spare, though, so I didn't have to hail a taxi ^^b.

Anyway, the movie was... good. This is one of those instances where I've heard everyone and their grandmother lauding the gloriousness of this movie, so when I actually saw it, it was too easy to find faults. It was entertaining, though, and has definitely been the best Star Trek movie so far <3. Spock and Kirk were pretty hot for each other, which is how it always has been and should be XDD. I was pretty freaked out by how much the guy they hired to play Spock looked like Leonard Nimoy!Spock, though! It was uncanny <3.

The only thing that REALLY bugged me, was that you could see the skull-cap thing they'd pulled on over the Spock-actor's original hair in every close-up of his face -.o;. Did anyone else notice that? I couldn't stop staring at the skull-cap in every Spock-scene XDD. I guess I'm just a little heart broken they didn't ACTUALLY give the actor a Spock haircut XDDD. It's a shame.

Anyway, it didn't live up to the hype 100%, but I think if I put it out of my mind, and watch again in a few months, I'll go crazy over it XDD. I've watched Star Trek my whole life, and I'm glad they've made a movie that make even non-Trekkies excited over it ^o^. For perhaps the first time in history, Star Trek has become fashionable. So, SO weird XD;.
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