M (snowym) wrote,

Things are an itty bit effed up right about now. Yay for FINGA friendships, screwed up japanese tests, bad english paper grades, and Hiro-kun (my prettiest of computers) being out of commission. This whole Stallion-Lebecca thing needs to finish up. I don't care how it goes, I just want it to end. Hah, I'm sure you feel the same way Stallion ^^;. Friendships are difficult, and can suck. </psychobabble>

I sent my computer in to get worked on, because the CD burner was seriously messed up. I didn't think about what that would mean though. No internet in the dorm room for 2 weeks? Argh. I can often be seen at the library and student center, checking e-mail and such.

And by JEBUS. I'm just going to snap if my Imaging and Web Design professor screws me over just one more time. My grade in that class is suffering, and I have no idea why. GLEALK:SDFJKLSANDF<>ASD<FJJIIASDJFKLAAAAaaaSDFA!!!!! Little stressed, and I have an english paper to write. Let's see how I can screw this one up also, it could be fun o.O;. This semester sucks.

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