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blah blah not a bad week blah yay

This week was soooo much better than the month before it... I was getting dragged through the mud for awhile, but after such lows, prettymuch anything else seems like a high XD;.

I've been e-mailing Satoshi and Masashi (Shinobu's friends that we went cherry-picking with), which brings much Engrish joy to my days XD.

I don't know... I just feel relieved I haven't had any complaints or "advice" from head office or whatnot at work recently. Yoshiko is even being relatively nice'ish to me (in that she says "good morning" to me every few days XD;). It's just nice not feeling terrified before work and extremely harassed after work, I think XD;;;.

The light in my living room has burnt out, so I'm sitting in the dark, which is sad. I'll wait for daylight tomorrow, though, because I don't trust myself teetering on a chair, handling a glass light fixture, in the middle of a pitch black room XD;. Not a good recipe to attempt for one as tremendously endowed with balance and grace, such as I XD;.

*happy sigh* Life is not so interesting when joyful, I suppose, but I'll take it <3.
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