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M is sick... again

I took 4 days of paid holiday from work this week... and I've been sick for 2 of them, 3 if I'm still yuck tomorrow ;-;. OH CRUEL VACATION!

Despite my state of sniffly-snot-mess'y-ness, me and Rebecca have been having fun ^^;b. I've been medicating myself up to the eyes, and wearing my doctor's mask, so luckily, she hasn't gotten sick yet. I sent her to stay with Noa for tonight, though, since I heard her sneeze today XD. Tomorrow will be the last (and second) day that her, I, and Noa can all hang out together. Our schedules don't mesh easily, it seems XD;. I think we'll probably hang out in Harajuku or something <3.

Anyway, yeah, I've been MIA due to the mess my face's become -.o;. If I hadn't of taken holiday, I would've had to call in some sick days, so it works out either way I guess XD;;.
Tags: byoki, friends, rebecca

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