December 14th, 2005


(no subject)

I have been sick for approximately 3 days, and I also have been sleeping for approximately 3 days. So now I have a lot to do >.>;. I am a useless lump when I am ill, and I am still ill, but I'm going to get my paper done no matter what, even if it kills me. So be checking your newspapers for my obitchuary this next Sunday.

Don't be expecting to see me online tonight or tomorrow night >.>. AIM'ness highly hinders my working'ness, aka I don't work at all when I'm talking to people on AIM -.-;;;. Soooo-- *extends snuggles and glomps and such to everyone*-- here's my last ditch effort to complete everything. It will be terribly done, I'm sure, but as long as I finish my schoolwork, I'll be happy >.>. Wish me luck. Good, bad, either kind is fine.

*takes some yummy pills and sets to work*