May 11th, 2006



Wah, Golden Week is over, and I'm back in classes. I have no idea what Golden Week celebrates, but I was off classes from Monday until the next Tuesday, so I was fine with it ^^. Does anyone happen to know? I suppose I should look that up, I'm kinda' curious now XD;.

Over Golden Week, lots of sightseeing was done, lots of money exchanged hands, and lots of trains were ridden. Noa and I went somewhere almost everyday. We went to Harajuku, Shibuya, Ueno, Shimokitazawa, Kiba, and a few other places that I can't remember right now. I doubt we'll have such a good chance to go out and about again so many days in a row. It was a lot of fun ^^. The school was closed, so I didn't have any computer access. That is the first time in a looo~ng time that I haven't been on a computer for a whole week @_@;.

But classes have started again. Yay >.>;. I shall persevere! The school made a lower level class for me and Noa, because it really wasn't possible for us to learn too much when thrown into such a higher level class. That'll be a huge help, but me and Noa are the only ones in the class (except for a British girl named Anna, who might as well not be in the class, because she never comes ^^;). Woo, lots of one on one time with the teacher >.>;. I'll be able to do better in class this way though. I'm not so worried about failing anymore. I just want to pass the semester! I don't care what grade I get anymore, I just want to pass ^^;;;.

The other day, I was on the train back from Harajuku, and everyone was packed on there like sardines. It was highly impressive. I was pressed back-to-back with this businessman (whom Noa tells me was cute XD) from shoulder blades to butt XD;;;. I was laughing about feeling mildly violated, and then laughed even more when I realized he could feel me laughing too. Riding a train is a highly interesting experience at times XD;.

Well, off to do some homework, and clean my apartment. It got insanely messy during Golden Week, as Noa and I walked our feet into oblivion every single day, and didn't have the energy to keep things neat. Oh, and I must eat something ^^;. *tummy growls*
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