May 17th, 2006


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Oooh, let's see, what's goin' on with M lately?

My Japanese is getting tons and tons better, especially since the school put me and Noa and a British girl named Anna in our own class. Like personal tutoring! Very nice. I turned into a paper today, which was a page long, and omg, I managed to actually write the whole thing in Japanese! And it made sense! I could've never done that before this semester XD;. Perhaps I'll type up my first ehvar Japanese essay sometime, as it's all about me, and you all know you wanna read that XD;.

I bought a CD at Bic Camera this morning before school, which I'm currently listening to. It's by Remio Roman, and the CD is called Horizon. It's really lovely, and makes me very muchly happy, and I think I shall just float around forever while listening to it XD;. Such very good music. But why are Japanese CD's so expensive @_@;;;? ¥3,000 (about $30) is not an appropriate price for a CD, dear goodness. But I don't plan on buying too many more. Just possibly more CD's by Remio Roman XD;.

My plushie family is growing. I bought a goat!Inui plushie right after I got to Japan, and recently, I bought teeny tiny Kyou Kara Maou plushies XD. Yay for bear!Gwendal and bear!Konrad ^^! I still need a Kaidoh sometime though, I always keep an eye out when going to Lashinban or K-Books.

If I can find a movie theatre that is showing the Prince of Tennis movie, that I'm going to go watch it soon. I'm very excited, it looks fantabulously crack'y XD;.

That's all I can think of for now. Classes are hard, but better, and I'm becoming a tensai of the Japanese language (or not) XD;. This is one of the better times of my life, if only it'd go on forever >.>;. Too bad ^^;! I shall definitely enjoy it for now though.
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