January 29th, 2007


of quizzes and ice and poetry

All the ice has practically melted... and yet this morning, I still had to find that magical one patch of ice left on the sidewalk, and fall hardcore? My knee is all skinned up-- I was impressed on the air I got on that fall ^^;. And I looked behind me, and yup, there were people frozen about 15 feet behind me, staring with mouths agape. Apparently I'm not the only one impressed by myself and my ability to hurt myself every now and then XD;.

I seem to be a bit unaccessible this week, in the meaning that I don't hunt everyone down and talk to them as much. I'd like to attribute this to the slew of quizzes and tests that seem to have a taste for my blood last week, this week, and during next week too. I got an A on that last math test I was fretting about, but who knows how I did on that economics test I took this morning XD;... and I'm really trying to not think too much about the history quiz and test coming up, along with more math quizzes next week. If anyone would like to drop me a line, if my death is suspected, e-mail and cell phone will probably work XD;. Or a brick upside my head, which is what I'll truly be pining for ^o^.

In my last Creative Writing/Poetry class (on Thursday) we started workshopping our poems in alphabetical order... which always makes me the first lucky one to be subjected to the critiques of the masses (damn you, last name!). But it's over now, and I can watch my peers be the squirming ones XD;. I shall end this entry with the poem of mine that my class looked at, just because I kind of liked it in that ohgodmyeyesmyeyes! kind of way. Or actually, I just kind of liked it ^^;. The interpretations my classmates managed to come up with were varying and amusing at times too XD. No! It's not about sex, I swear it! ...or is it O.O? No, no, it's really not XD;.

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