March 30th, 2007



I had a shounen ai dream last night-- maybe I am earning some good karma. *swipes some of disutansu's anyway XD* It was so cute! Chu~ chu <3!


So... I was in K-mart in my hometown (there's no K-mart in my hometown), hanging out with my two best friends (although I have never seen these guys before XD; ), and while we were walking down the aisles they started fighting. So I picked up a music box that was on sale for 47-cents (...), and dangled it over the shorter guy's shoulder... they other guy leans in a looks at it really close, and they just kinda... kiss ^o^. It was cute XD. It makes no sense, but it was still cute XDD. Then I woke up and told Noa about it happily XD.

This is much better than the horribly freakish dreams I almost always have... why must my dreams harass me so o.O;? Oh well, as long as I can have cute dreams like this once in every twenty years. *nodnod*

I'm off to class now, and then I guess I'm heading to my parents' home, to celebrate my father's non-birthday. I don't really understand either, but I think we're going shopping, so maybe I can pick up a new manga or CD or something ^_^. *goes to get ready for class, before she's late again this week*
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