May 26th, 2007


the bag meme

I saw decouvrir doing this meme, and thought it looked fun, so here goes ^^. I so very rarely do memes anyway, so it's about time I try another one.

Also, I'm including pictures because I'm bored XD. If anyone's interested in doing the meme too, that's not an actual requirement.

The bag meme!

1. What's your bag?

An h.Naoto bag I got for 40% off at a punk!gothic lolita boutique in Ikebukuro. And yay for the anime Meine Liebe, as I have pins of the characters stuck on the flap of the bag.

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Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnndddd I'm done. My conclusion is... I have WAY too much crap in my purse XD. *stuffs everything back into her purse anyway*