August 15th, 2007


random work stories + moving

I think... I might have killed someone today o.O. *sobs*

Seriously, this guy came up and ordered a grande mocha latte (steamed milk + 3 espresso shots + 2 ounces of chocolate syrup). But then he added 2 shots of raspberry flavoring... and then at the last second, he had me add 2 more shots of espresso. HOW CAN ANYONE DRINK SOMETHING WITH 5 SHOTS OF ESPRESSO IN IT??? Plus all the chocolate, plus all the raspberry syrup... omg, his heart surely beat itself to a frenzied death not long after he drank it... poor guy -.-. *MOMENT OF SILENCE*

Awhile after that, some guy came up and ordered a sugar-free caramel latte. After I gave it to him, he got a really weird look on his face and asked if it was sugar-free. I said it was, and thought I seriously messed up his drink somehow, but when I asked him he said he was just shocked that it tasted so good, even though it was sugar-free low-fat XD. And then he tipped me a dollar, yay!

AND THEN when I was mopping the floor nearing closing time... an old security guard guy knocked on the back door of the kiosk, and when I looked up, he gestured toward the trash can (that I pushed out the back door so I could mop) and then started spraying an aerosol can into the trash for a good 30 seconds. I... was confused XD. Apparently instead of being on guard duty for the night, he was on fly duty for some reason, and was wandering around the mall spraying bug-killer on everything XD. And oh my god, might I add, I'd never smelled anyone that emanated old person smell such as he did @_@;.

And last of all... when I walked out of work tonight to leave, I passed by Jane (my boss)... and she said... "Thank you, M." *WIGS OUT* She called me M, or Em, or whatever... Somehow, that made me really happy that my boss felt at ease enough with me to call me that ^^. I feel like maybe she doesn't hate me too much XD.

Aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyywwwwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyy, I'm moving into mah dorm tomorrow morning (I'm heading off to Joplin at 7:15am to do so), yay ^_^! *excited* This is my fourth year staying in the dormitories, but I still like it XD;. Next time anyone speaks to me, I shall have changed residences once again! So ye few people who mail me (IE: HELEN, and every now and then Kishu XD), my address is now my college one.

Oyasumi ^_^! *flounces off to bed*
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