October 14th, 2007


sheesh ^^;

You would think after being so pissed off at my boss last night, I would come back to the dorm and TEAR OFF my EVIL, EVIL WORK-CLOTHES, in lieu of donning some happy pajamas...

But no, I closed the kiosk last night, and ended up coming back and sleeping in my work clothes, and now I'm going to open in twenty minutes in the same clothes... this is a pretty sad moment XD;. OH WELL.

Edit: Oh man, the person who's supposed to work with me today at the kiosk is apparently really, really sick... so this might suck really bad today, if I have to work alone. YOU CALL THIS STAFFED WELL, JANE? When you can't even get anybody in to fill people's spots when they're sick? Mou -.o;. I'll just hope Bobbi can come in eventually, or something -.- *slinks off to work warily*