July 16th, 2008


Naruto doujinshi sale!

NO LONGER SELLING! I am currently out of the country for a year, so I can't sell/ship anymore doujinshi... Everyone thank you very much for purchasing up until now ^_^! I now have some extra money, so I don't have to forfeit food while I'm in Japan XD;.

Click here to go to the Death Note doujinshi sale!
Click here to go to the Kyou Kara Maou doujinshi sale!
Click here to go to the Prince of Tennis doujinshi sale!

Every doujinshi is $10, unless otherwise specified!

Shipping costs
[+] Shipping costs for one doujinshi is $4 to anywhere in the U.S.
[+] If you order more than one doujinshi, it's $2 for every additional doujinshi added to your order.
[+] If you need shipping to other countries, just post your country and zip code, and which doujinshi you wish to buy, so that I can ask for a shipping estimate.
[+] Paypal only, please! Although if you REALLY want one, post a comment, and we'll talk...

How to order
[+] If you'd like to make an order, just comment on this LJ post, specifying which doujinshi you would like to buy, and your e-mail. I will then send you a Paypal invoice as soon as possible.

Other info
[+] I'll put all orders into the mail within 1-2 days of receiving a Paypal payment.
[+] I only have one copy of each doujinshi, so as they're bought, I'll cross them off the list.
[+] All orders will be shipped in bubblewrap envelopes, so as to prevent any damage to your purchased doujinshi on its way through the mail...
[+] Any questions? Just send me an e-mail to me at snowym@gmail.com.


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I'm such a phone whore today...

...but no one wants to talk to me for very long ^^;;;. OH WELL. I think talking to 10 people for 5 minutes = 1 big conversation, right?

Whatever, I'm going to go play DDR. DDR LOVES ME, RIGHT? *will probably fail every song now, and be shunned by DDR too*
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