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Gundam + VISA + Shizuoka

I really want to post about my trip to see the 1:1, real sized Gundam (about 5 stories tall <3) that's on display in Odaiba right now, but I can't find my camera cord at the moment ^^p;;;. I'll post about that soon, as soon as I have time to rip my apartment apart to look for it XD.

Also, tomorrow is pretty important, because I have to go get my working VISA renewed... I always feel nervous trying to get really important paperwork sorted out ;-;. I don't want to get deported for some silly reason ^^;;;. *gathers together her official documents, maps, and a random list of phrases Misaki wrote for her in case of becoming lost or confused XD* Yosh!!

This weekend, me and Shinobu are going to go on a 2-day trip to Shizuoka ^o^! I don't really know anything about the area, but Shinobu always plans something fun ^^b. When I told a couple of my students I was going to Shizuoka, though, they kinda "..." for a moment, and then agreed "You won't like it o.-." I'll do my best regardless of my students who have no faith in me in a Shizuoka'y situation XD;.
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