October 24th, 2013

Jdrama - Puri Puri D - kisu

So many movies <3!

Let's see… yesterday, I watched 2 movies. One was called Jitters, and the other The Curiosity of Chance.

When I found Jitters, I searched on google for "gay movies happy ending." I KNOW THE SLANG FOR HAPPY ENDING (^^;;;), but I just wanted an actual happy ending. Anyway, JITTERS WAS NOT A HAPPY MOVIE. The ending was happy enough, I'll give it that, but omg, what a strange, sad, weird movie that was ^^;. I can't say I disliked it, but I can't say I liked it either. The main boy, Gabríel, was really pretty anyway, and I liked his way of coming out to his parents.
Best part of the movie: when Gabríel threw an ink pen at Markús to get him to SHUT UP so he could finish his homework, and then Markús asks him how he's going to finish his homework now without a pen XDD.
Moral of the movie: Icelandic people will drink you under the table every time.

The Curiosity of Chance
After watching Jitters, I was just ready to see something that didn't depress me… And this movie definitely was the light-hearted thing I was looking for <3. It was very funny, and the main character, Chance, as well as the support characters were loveable, and there was pretty sparkly drag queens… it had everything ^^! It reminds me of the movie But I'm a Cheerleader-- just a quirky, kind of fucked-up oddball comedy with some heart to it :D. Also, Chance and his romantic interest had a cute friendship going throughout the movie (when his love interest wasn't bullying him due to peer pressure, anyway).
Best part of the movie: It's a tie between Chance's top hat he sports at the beginning of the movie, and the lovely drag queen performances.
Worst part of the movie: I think the viewer is supposed to be wowed by Chance's musical/singing prowess, but I totally didn't buy it ^^;;;.

On a different note, I watched the TV series Broadchurch, which is an 8 part series (crime/detective story). Freaking amazing, and horrible, and amazing <3. David Tennant (the 10th Doctor) is just about all I need to love something, and then Arthur Darvill (Rory, the 11th Doctor's male companion) was sprinkled in there too (as the vicar, lol XD), which made it all the better <3. It was devastating to watch, but I binged the whole series in a day and a half. It would have been less time, but I had to go to work in the middle of watching the series XD.

Right now, I'm watching another movie called Rock Haven, and it kind of sucks so far… but the conversations in it are so weird and awkward and stilted, so it's keeping me slightly entertained XD;.

[On the beach, Clifford streeeeeetches his arms, and his towel falls out of his bag. Brady runs to pick it up after a long hesitation, and walks toward Clifford to give it back… apparently he got too nervous to give it back or something, though? so he starts to walk away, but Clifford unintentionally stretches out his legs, tripping Brady and making him face plant into the sand]
Brady: [quickly gets up] You dropped your towel.
Clifford: [pats the space on the towel next to him and makes shifty eyebrows, indicating Brady should sit down]
Brady: Uhhhhh… okay. Just for a minute. [sits down]
[Clifford and Brady stare at each other super awkwardly]
Clifford: How old are you?
Brady: [looong pause, with a put upon arm fold] GUESS.
Clifford: [leans in more closely than Brady is comfortable with, scrutinizing] You barely shave. 13.
Brady: 18. Gimme a break! [looking genuinely confused as to why someone would say he looks 13, although Clifford was surely JOKING]
Clifford: [smiles slightly derpily] I'm 19.
Brady: [indignantly] It's not much difference!
Clifford: Maybe. [long pause, whilst he makes weird, shifty eyebrows] Maybe not.

WHO HAS CONVERSATIONS LIKE THIS >.>;;;? SO AWKWARD. Yet, entertaining (in a non-entertaining kind of way, I dunno XD).

EDIT: So, I just finished watching Rock Haven, and… THIS LIST OF MOVIES WITH HAPPY ENDINGS IS TOTALLY FAILING ME -.-;;;. Most of the movie was happy'ish, and then the ending was a TOTAL LETDOWN. Wtf. At least there was a ton of suuuuuuper incredibly awkward conversations that made it at least a bit entertaining. But yeah, this movie was like a really boring, crappy version of Latter Days. That movie was SO much better and more interesting (although still a bit odd XD). I might just rewatch it tonight to forget about this stink bomb I just watched XD.