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Hiro, my darling, I've missed you! *hugs computer*

Yay, my computer's back! The CD burner was messed up, so I had to send it in. I can't have a computer that won't burn CD's for me, that's just not right.

Yesterday, me, Stallion, and Noa drove to Springfield to go pick up my computer. We made a day out of it, and watched Ocean's 12 (which rocked by the way) and went to the mall. Hah, I never realized how good looking George Clooney was, until I watched that movie. We were all doing calculations in our head... "So if he's about 50 years old, and I'm 19 years old... That only makes a 31 year age difference! It could totally work out!"

I keep on seeing this mouse in our dorm room. I think it is taunting me. It knows I'm too scared to do anything about getting rid of it... So maybe I'll make a treaty with it. If it doesn't eat my pop-tarts, maybe I won't make Noa get rid of it, or something. Hah ^^.

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