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count down to aging up and flying out

In 2 days, it's my birthday ^^v (Sept. 20th).
I didn't even realize that until today, haha XD;.

I'll be officially in my mid-20's (24, whoo!), so that's an interesting feeling.
I'm already considered old by middle-schoolers...
Seriously, in class, I was teaching "opposites" vocabulary (big/small, quiet/talkative, etc), and when we were talking about young/old, they pointed to themselves, saying "YOUNG!" and... ;-;. Yeah, I was pointed at, with the narrative of "OLD!" XD;.
BRATS, I say XD;.

Also, in 3 days, I'll be heading back to the US.
Just for a visit, though, to hang out with my family (and eat REAL PIZZA <3 <3 <3).
I'll be back and working by Oct. 6th, but I'll relish my vacation <3.
Seriously, I'll be in Missouri, so I'll have no choice but to relax. There's nothing else to do XD;;.
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