M (snowym) wrote,

fairly productive day <3

It's a very rare thing anymore, when I get a big block of time to myself during the work day...

After my first class today, from noon-1pm, my next one doesn't occur until 7pm, so I decided to go back to my apartment during that time ^^.

I took all my suits to the dry cleaners!
I did 2 loads of laundry and hung it all out to dry!
I reorganized my clothes closet!
I neatened up my terrifying messofa desk!
I watched the 2nd episode of the drama (My Girl-- starring Aiba Masaki <3), and totally cried XD.

And now I'm scrounging around for a skirt, because all my suits with pants are being cleaned by the slightly rude dry cleaning lady ^^;. She looked at me like I was a fucktard or something, when I couldn't answer one of her questions -.o;;;. Finally, I realized she was asking me whether the suits were for a woman or not -.-;;;. Does that even MATTER when they're dry cleaning something XD?

Anyway, I gotta get back to work pretty soon... I still need to prep for a few lessons and such. I'd say it was a good day, though <3.
Tags: jdrama, life

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