M (snowym) wrote,


I just wanted to say...
On a very special day...


I know it's just been your birthday for a few hours over in California, and you're probably not even awake yet, but I've been pondering what I should do all day, since Dec. 15th has been going on all day as a constant reminder for me XD;.

Anyway, yes, I drew you a PEEKTYUR!!! I'm SO SO SO rusty, but I knew nothing better that I could give you than a bit of InuKai XD. Please forgive any wibbly lines, as my scanner is defying me lately, so I had to do this all with a mouse XD;;;.

Sleepy Kaidoh awakes in a bit of confusion from Inui being... his dorky, slightly romantic self XD.

Anyway, Helen, I hope you a super fantasmically lovely day, and let us all know how it went ^o^. Love yooooou, adore yooooo~u!
Tags: fanart, happy birthday, inukai, prince of tennis, rated g

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