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I'm sure for most of you on my f-list, the New Year hasn't passed over your time zone yet, but from this side of things, it seems things are pretty good ^^b. No rampaging dinosaurs or aliens or anything, so there's nothing to worry about once the New Year hits, I think ^o^.

Relax and sip on your drinks and kiss a random person nearby, if you'd like XD. *sips on her kahlua milk drink mix <3 <3 <3*

I rang in the New Year by watching the Johnny's New Year's Eve/Day concert on TV ^___^. It's so shiny and pretty and flamboyant and gorgeous, so I'm enjoying myself XD. Everyone find a fun way to celebrate too ^o^!

Let's all work hard and make this year good too <3!
Tags: happy new year

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