M (snowym) wrote,

Oh yes, this is awesome. Noa was quoted in The Chart, our campus' newspaper. It follows as:

"I give blood because I have a special protein which allows me to donate to new-born babies."

Yes, she has magical blood. And not only that, at the end of the paper, they quote her saying:

"It's really easy to give in Joplin. All you have to do is go to the mall."

Where is this underground prostitution ring in our mall? I must find out. I guess I can just ask Noa, since she's apparently a part of it. Easy to give indeed.

Hah, me and Stallion giggled for a good 5 minutes after reading it. It was an article about a blood drive at the mall, in case there are people out there that are incredibly as inperceptive as me.

Yay, some person on Deviant Art dedicated a pic to me. I praised the Mars Volta-ny-ness of it all, and gave a few tips, and they did it and dedicated it to moi, so I shall pimp their pic. I like it, so I shall post a link HERE. And speaking of pimping, go to Marie's stories HERE. Know why? Because they rock, dammit. I haven't pimped your stuff in so long, sorry Marie ^^;.

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