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Indepth study of THE Chiba Mamoru

As of right now, I am a huge fan of the live action version of Pretty Girl Sailor Moon. Its surprising that I like, or can even stomach the girliness that is PGSM. But there is one thing that keeps me coming back. Or make that five things. I am of course talking about Chiba Mamoru, Motoki, Flamer (...I mean Nephrite), Shin/Kunzite, and Zoisite.

But today's journal entry is not about five hot guys. Its about just one. And the wonders of how such a hot guy can transform his face into one of a non-hot guy. Yes, I'm talking about Chiba Mamoru.

Example A:

This is him in his natural environment. Hitting on young girls, hanging out with his unwanted fiance, and of course going on various dangerous exploits to help find... a turtle. All of these things bring out the very easy on the eyes smile we have all come to expect from him. Who knew that the same face that, on a daily basis, transforms groups of fangirls' knees to jelly, could also make those same fangirls back away in horor, while clutching their eyes, screaming "NO! IT'S NOT HIM!"?

Example B & C:

My explanation for this is quite simple. Obviously, he had to have a surgery of some sort to allow his face to twist in such a manner. I attempted to make a similar face, as well as forcing my friend Noa to attempt to also, and we both failed miserably. Noa made an educated guess that he probably was in a tragic childhood bicycling accident that completely severed about 7 tendons in his face, allowing him complete face contortion abilities. Or maybe I dreamed that, whatever.

Anyways, I suppose I'll never know. But it sure is cool ^^. Go Chiba!
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