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internetless no more <3

Yaaay, finally, my internet is working again XD;.

2 weeks without internet... I haven't gone 2 weeks without internet since I was 12 years old, and my dad would sneak me into the teacher's lounge at the high school to use the "see anything" computer XD. I'd be checking out the Pokemon websites, oh yeah <3.

Apparently my whole internet system was messed up ^^;;... First, they snipped the cable connector off the cord and replaced it, since it was broken, but just that didn't work... so they tried changing the internet connection port for my room on the outside of the building, but just that didn't work... so they replaced the whole internet box, through which my TV and internet renewal is done every month, AND... that worked, yay XD.

The internet repair ladies came about an hour and a half earlier than they said they would, though, so I was standing there in my pajamas, looking like I seriously needed a shower while they were fixing everything ^^;;;.

Well, I'll be off to work then... やだやだやだ, but I have to XD;. I would REALLY prefer to go back to bed, though, because I had planned on sleeping a bit longer ^^;. Oh well.
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