M (snowym) wrote,

Yay, birthday〜

Tomorrow's my birthday, so that should be fun ^o^.

Me and Noa met in Harajuku today, and went to a Vietnamese festival, before going around to nearly every shop on Takeshita Street in Harajuku XD;.

At the Vietnamese festival, there was a bit of an entertaining episode... some guy walked up to us and said "Hello!" We said "Hello" in return. Then he said "Where do you come from?" to which we replied "From America." And then he asked "Do you like chicken?"

He was trying to draw people over to the Thai curry food stand he was working for, but I think he was so excited just to speak in English with us XD;. I don't think he ever said his name, but by the end of the conversation, we found out he'd gone to San Francisco last year, he was studying social sciences at university, and he would be embarking on a career in diplomacy work after graduating next year XD;. That's quite a lot to learn in about 5 minutes, so it was a pretty impressive conversation in my opinion XD;.

Tomorrow shall be karaoke, since Noa has the day off ^^v. I received a coupon from my favorite karaoke place in Sakuragicho, because my birthday was coming up. So... I think with the coupon, we'll get free cake, a free polaroid picture of the cake and room and us in it (lol XD), 1 hour of karaoke time free, and possibly 1000 yen from the menu free? Even if the coupon has some hitch in it, that's still the cheapest/best place to go, so we'll go XD;.

Ahhhhh, so tired today, especially after work yesterday. *goes to find some coffee or tea or something* I'll try to have a good birthday tomorrow, and I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow too <3! September 20th should be good for everyone <3.
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