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music binge

This picture is the cellphone strap currently hanging off my cellphone... I like to call it my Sexy Lady strap XD.

I've been on kinda a CD buying binge recently, because nothing heals my heart more than wonderful tunes <3. And Japan is fun, and gives you lots of random crap with your music purchases... for example, my Sexy Lady strap XD.

Just in this past month I've bought:
君に届け (single) by Flumpool
僕の見ている風景 (full album) by Arashi
Beautiful Hangover (single) by BIGBANG
Vocaloanthems Feat. 初音ミク (a Vocaloids compilation)
Vocalogenesis Feat. 初音ミク (a Vocaloids compilation)
Dear... (mini-album) by Come Around
24/7~もう一度 (single) by WaT
君が僕にKissをした (single) by WaT

Listening to music is prettymuch the only thing I've been doing lately, other than breathing and teaching. Oh, and paying excruciating amounts for CD's, gah. Dang you Japan, and your super expensive CD's OTL! *buys them all anyway*
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