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so interested in a game I will probably never play

I was just idly watching a few videos on the internet, as I tend to do when there's much else I could be doing, when I watching this video in good fun. Just about 5 video games where humor was valued highly within their creation.

But I got so interested in the #4 game on the list, called Portal. Artificial Intelligence usually goes awry in a scary way in Sci-fi stuffs, but I liked the idea of an AI having a mental breakdown or being a bit off-kilter, so Wiki'd the game, and read about it. It seems that at first, it just appears that the main character is testing a portal gun in a variety of different situations, but it gets more sinister than that later on? The AI (GLaDOS) is guiding you through in a tutorial-like fashion, but seems less and less concerned about your ability to survive the situations as the tutorial levels increase. SCARY ;o;. But interesting, which is why I'm only reading about it and not playing XD;;;.

And finally, I was reading some theories that people had come up with about what things in the game symbolized. Like the psychotic AI named GLaDOS, and this box with hearts on it called the Weighted Companion Cube (which is today's LJ-entry picture XD).

Here's some theories that I really liked:
GLaDOS's true painful nature
GLaDOS's song analyzed
Thoughts about the whole game: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Also, this song. It's the ending song to the game, and I really like it... especially after all the over-analyzation XD;. I love thinking too much about little things <3.

So yeah, I just didn't want to forget about something that I so randomly and suddenly spent several hours reading and thinking about XD;. I hope the sequel comes out soon, so I can read more theories about that too. Ahh, I'm such a freak XD;. I have NO DESIRE to actually play this game, since shooting and jumping and such in a game holds no interest for me XD;.. I just want to read what people thought, since there's such potential for critical thinking <3...
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