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new apartment

Here's my new apartment! Or a teeny diagram thereof ^^v.

I have yet to actually visit it, due to a lack of time, but from the website info, my coworkers assured me it HAS to be better than my current apartment. I've found out that my apartment company is a bit notorious for dilapidation and ripping off their tenants (as in never, ever ever ever giving back security deposits). Whatever, my hopes for this new place is raising.

Monday's M-day (no, not M as in me, but M as in moving). It's gonna suck, and I'm terrified that I won't even be able to find the place due to a idiotically un-understandable map... Stupid Japan, with your stupid unmarked streets and blocks of un-named buildings -.o;. Once it's all done, though, I hope I can enjoy my new home. It's weird after living in the same apartment for 2 years, but I think I'm ready, if I can just get through the stress of it ^^;;;.

*goes back to packing*
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