M (snowym) wrote,

What the fuck just happened o.O;?

Someone knocked on my door, and I opened it. These two girls shake my hand, say "Hi! Our names are 'blah blah, I don't remember', and we're here for 'blah blah, I don't remember!'" They blow into my room, yarbling on about needing to sit down to talk, start eating my cereal that I had out on the table, and shoved a pamphlet into my hands. I look at it (it had magazines all over it), and they're say to me "pick out the two you like best!" I tell them I have no money, and can't buy anything. They mumbled something and urged me on to say two magazines, muttering things about points. So I tell them, because maybe they're doing a survey or something. Then they write me two reciepts, and tell me I owe them $90 in two weeks.


I tell them, again, I have no money. And they start talking about the cheapest magazines that is on the pamplet I could order. "Don't you want to help us earn our trips to Holland and Spain?! We can't go if we don't have enough points!" I tell them, one more time, I have no money. Tell them I won't have any in the near future, and usher them out the door. The last thing they say before the door shuts is "Emily! I'm really sorry you couldn't help us!"

I'm confused as hell right now. Who were those spazzes? I feel abused for some reason o.O;.

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