M (snowym) wrote,

bad weather, bad feelings, good friends

Yesterday, a typhoon was supposedly going to hit Kanto (a big area of Japan where I live), but as far as I could tell, there wasn't any problems with it in Yokohama. All day, it was pretty terrifyingly windy (my apartment was even swaying because of it sometimes), and at about 4:30pm some dark angry-looking clouds rolled in, but other than that, it was okay. I don't really know much about typhoons, but my students told me that flooding and wind damage (like roofs being torn off) are the usual drill for bad typhoons.

I'm in such a weird frame of mind this week. I just... feel down. So many sad things happened recently, and I can't even express how I feel about it properly. Day in and day out, I just plaster a huge smile on at work, then go home and start snoring immediately in my futon.

But I got an e-mail from Helen, a message from Chibi on facebook, a call from my parents, a 5-word e-mail from my brother (that's more than usual), the usual 80-jillion calls/e-mails from Noa, and a few other various messages so that makes me happy ^^. Oh friends <3.
Tags: friends, sanity is for the weak, weather

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