M (snowym) wrote,

movie weekend!

Apparently this was movie weekend.
Holy crap, what all did I watch?

Random list:
Avatar the Last Airbender (awesome! needs a sequel, stat)
Bruno (oh god, so messed up)
Harry Potter 7.2 (so wonderful, good way to wrap up the movies)
I Love You Philip Morris (loved Jim Carey and Ewan McGreggor like I always do, but the story was almost irreparably uncomfortable to watch... I liked it, though)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians (kiddy'ish, but LOVED it! SO much better than the Eragon movie, lol)
3 hours of the new Battlestar Galactica series (good enough, but too much face snorfling, got boring)

Does anybody know any good movies?
I missed a bunch the past couple years, but I recently got a movie rental card, so I'd like to catch up a bit (^-^).
No horror, no senseless tragedy, but I watch pretty much anything else (^^).

Next on my to-watch list: Ponyo, yay!

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